The Best Handguns Available for Women

It is advisable for women to take matters of their security with the weight they deserve. It is a matter to be prioritized since statistics show that women are the closest candidates for violent crime at any point in their lives. Consequently, when a woman’s self-defense is likely to be compromised, the most prudent action to take is to defend herself. In that respect, it is important for women to have the necessary arms handy in case of threats to their safety. Continue reading “The Best Handguns Available for Women”

5 Business Lessons From Our Canine Friends

I was so frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed with my work. After hours of unsuccessfully being able to balance my business’s books, I was ready to scream. It was just wrong to be inside on such a beautiful autumn Saturday. I’d given up Continue reading “5 Business Lessons From Our Canine Friends”

Fitness After 40: How to Stay Strong at Any Age

One morning, you wake up feeling more exhausted than usual. You look at yourself in the mirror, and it dawns on you just how much you’ve aged over the last number of years. Your kids are grown up now, you’re facing retirement, and you don’t feel like there’s any point in keeping healthy and active like you did when you were back in college, right? Continue reading “Fitness After 40: How to Stay Strong at Any Age”

Grow Your Business – Setting Aggressive But Realistic Goals


You have to set realistic but aggressive goals. You have to say those goals out loud, communicate them to everyone who needs to know about them and get people on board with those goals. And you need to hold yourself responsible to them. Continue reading “Grow Your Business – Setting Aggressive But Realistic Goals”