Women and Safe Winter Driving

For half of the world, it’s that time of year again when the weather gets cold and many of us wish we were living in the other half of the world (or at least enjoying their weather).

Snow can be fun for the kids (and sometimes the adults, too) but it also can be very dangerous if you are on the road. If your car breaks down during the winter, not only do you have to worry about your car but you must also think about how the weather is going to affect you and your passengers. Continue reading “Women and Safe Winter Driving”

The Best Handguns Available for Women

It is advisable for women to take matters of their security with the weight they deserve. It is a matter to be prioritized since statistics show that women are the closest candidates for violent crime at any point in their lives. Consequently, when a woman’s self-defense is likely to be compromised, the most prudent action to take is to defend herself. In that respect, it is important for women to have the necessary arms handy in case of threats to their safety. Continue reading “The Best Handguns Available for Women”