Healthy Lifestyles

We know we should eat a balanced diet, stop smoking, have at least two alcohol-free nights a week and increase our level of exercise. We see what lifestyle options are better for our health and well-being; sometimes it is tough to make these healthy choices and changes. Or is it? Following are some guidelines about the influences and barriers that we all face when we want to make changes and some strategies on how to make these changes. Hopefully, reading this will make forming healthier lifestyle habits a whole lot easier! Continue reading “Healthy Lifestyles”

5 Business Lessons From Our Canine Friends

I was so frustrated, stressed and overwhelmed with my work. After hours of unsuccessfully being able to balance my business’s books, I was ready to scream. It was just wrong to be inside on such a beautiful autumn Saturday. I’d given up Continue reading “5 Business Lessons From Our Canine Friends”