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Publisher – Nancy_Coulter


My name is Nancy. If you have a minute…let me tell you my story….


Or so I thought…

I worked in corporate IT for 10 years. I had a great boss, traveled the world, made a six figure income and enjoyed my job. In my 7th year I got a new boss and everything changed. Nearly everyone in my department was slowly eliminated but I got pregnant just in time. So I played out my 9 months and got my mat leave. After my daughter was 10 months old I decided to go back to work (out of necessity). Soon as I came back my boss told me I would have to spend nearly 75% of my time traveling. This was a new requirement of the job and I told the company I couldn’t do it with a 10 month old at home. It got a bit messy, lawyers got involved and eventually they gave me a package.


Or so I thought….

I always wanted to start my own business and this was my chance. So that is exactly what I did. My business grew steady and within two years I had so many clients I had to start turning them away. During these two years, the amount of time I spent working increased, my income decreased and I barely saw my family. I had to pay contractors to help me get my jobs completed, I had no social life and my appearance was taking a hike. After two years I decided that having my own business was not as glamorous and I had anticipated.


Or so I thought…

Maybe from reading this post you can tell that I am an ambitious person. I went to college and university, received 2 diplomas and 1 Honours degree, stayed at a job till I moved up and made decent money, saw a way to start my own business and went for it, was successful at it and had an over-abundance of clients knocking on my door. I got married, bought a house and had a child all within 14 months.

But even after all this…my dreams never really materialized.

By working for an employer I was really just working to make someone else’s dream come true.

By working for myself I was stealing my dream from myself with the sacrifices I made.

How would I ever fulfill my dreams and be able to live the life I so wanted.

Just then, at the most perfect time in my life, right when I was most open to it and had gone through these experiences which taught me that employment and self-employment do not really create such a great lifestyle, it happened….

The Universe has a funny way to doing what it does just at the right moment in time…

I was introduced to a new model of business. One where I got to choose who I wanted to work with, how much or how little I wanted to work and when I wanted to work. It had very little investment, no inventory and no “hard” selling. I got to help people to change their lives and see them excited about changes that helped them realize their dreams…and all the while making an income that would give me the lifestyle I always dreamed about.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a magic pill or a “get rich quick scheme”. It is still a business and does not just happen on it’s own. It will take someone who is laser focused, determined and coachable to see results. Like any business it will take time to grow. For some it will take less time, for others it will take more. It all depends on you and how badly you want it.

I wanted it BAD!

Now I am laser focused, my timeline is short, my determination is strong.

Now I have my dream job with the title of “Freedom Coach”.

If you are like me and have the drive, focus and ambition to be successful and are coachable, let’s have a chat and see if this is something that fits what you might be looking for.

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PS. I am doing today what others won’t so I can do tomorrow what others can’t.