Women and Safe Winter Driving

For half of the world, it’s that time of year again when the weather gets cold and many of us wish we were living in the other half of the world (or at least enjoying their weather).

Snow can be fun for the kids (and sometimes the adults, too) but it also can be very dangerous if you are on the road. If your car breaks down during the winter, not only do you have to worry about your car but you must also think about how the weather is going to affect you and your passengers. Continue reading “Women and Safe Winter Driving”

Healthy Lifestyles

We know we should eat a balanced diet, stop smoking, have at least two alcohol-free nights a week and increase our level of exercise. We see what lifestyle options are better for our health and well-being; sometimes it is tough to make these healthy choices and changes. Or is it? Following are some guidelines about the influences and barriers that we all face when we want to make changes and some strategies on how to make these changes. Hopefully, reading this will make forming healthier lifestyle habits a whole lot easier! Continue reading “Healthy Lifestyles”

WOMENS HEALTH (Stages of Women Development)


Health and wellness are significant concerns especially among women of today who lead more stressful and demanding lives compared in the past. Studies show that certain conditions are far more prevalent among females. Furthermore, a woman’s symptomatic and medication-related reactions are different from men. Continue reading “WOMENS HEALTH (Stages of Women Development)”